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Download The Ultimate Commercial HVAC Planned Maintenance Checklist for Free!

Planned maintenance of your commercial building’s HVAC system is an investment in its future

Everything you own that has true value comes with some sort of recommended maintenance schedule. The purpose is to keep a car’s vital systems functioning well, a computer clean and fast, or a diamond ring shining as brightly as the day you bought it. In other words, maintenance helps protect the value of your investment and lets you get the maximum amount of use out of it.

Unfortunately, we tend to neglect routine maintenance as time goes on, choosing instead to fix problems as they appear. This approach can cause issues, as major repairs are typically expensive, and the lifespan of that valuable purchase is reduced.

When it comes to building management, a commercial HVAC system is a valuable - and expensive - investment that requires proper maintenance throughout its lifespan to perform at its best.

This guide is designed to offer specific, actionable recommendations for maintaining a commercial HVAC system throughout the year, including:

  • A recommended seasonal inspection schedule for your entire HVAC system
  • How to carry out a simple visual inspection and how to tell when you need professional help
  • Testing and evaluation requirements for commercial HVAC units

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