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With a permanent resident population of less than 30,000 but a tourist population of over 14 million throughout the warmer months, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina thrives by offering entertainment and relaxation to visitors from around the country and the world. Our wide array of commercial facilities — from the 29-story Margate Hotel and surrounding condominium communities to “the largest gift shop in the world” — Myrtle Beach is the jewel of the Grand Strand, and a must see tourist location on every American’s vacation bucket list.

The gorgeous subtropical climate and nearly nine months of sunny days per year will keep tourists coming in droves for the foreseeable future. If you own or manage a commercial facility in or near Myrtle Beach, you’ve likely experienced unprecedented growth that has no end in sight.

And Piedmont Service Group is here for you.

Since 1971, Piedmont Service Group has been installing, repairing, and maintaining the HVAC systems keeping hundreds of Myrtle Beach’s commercial facilities clean, safe, and comfortable everyday. We’re proud to be the leading commercial HVAC service provider for the greater Myrtle Beach metro area and the rest of Horry County.

If your Myrtle Beach-area commercial facility needs ongoing HVAC maintenance, HVAC repairs, energy optimization, or design/build services, explore what Piedmont Service Group has to offer today!

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